Xpress Seal UV Dyes are so bright leaks can often be seen with nothing more than the naked eye and now with the convenience and ease of use with the direct inject CO2 injector gun.  The dye is the same color that auto makers use in automobile A/C systems.  The use of a black light and UV glasses can be used to find those really small leaks.


Perfect for split system, heat pumps, microchannel coils, packaged units, and mini splits.  One Xpress Seal UV Dye injector tube can be used for units up to 5 ton.


Xpress Seal UV dye is fully compatible with mineral, PAG, and ester oils.  (Excluding ammonia)


With Vapco’s CO2 direct inject system;


No need to pump down R-410A units.

No need for manifold gages.

No injection hose or caulk gun needed.

12+ injections per CO2 cartridge


Made in the U.S.A.


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Xpress Seal

UV Dye

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Xpress Seal UV Dye up to 5 tons

Comes 6 per case.


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